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Burbank isn’t your average transportation company.
Dedicated to the specialized transportation needs of Manitoba’s potato producers, Burbank Express hauls your potatoes whenever, wherever, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer specialized hauling to ensure your product reaches its destination efficiently and quickly. Our dispatch is available around the clock to ensure  top-notch customer service to our growers and processing plants
with their shipment status.

Burbank uses leading-edge technology like GeoTab to track our fleet in action, with a focus on safety and transparent customer service.  Burbank’s custom software development means we schedule more effectively and manage our resources more efficiently.

Burbank Express has developed a robust and well-rounded safety program over the years.  We became RPM certified in 2018 and have maintained our certification ever since.


Safety starts with people and is the foundation for all positions within the company.

Burbank’s primary goal is to ensure all staff return home safely every day.

Orientation and training are provided to all new employees to ensure they have the knowledge, ability, and skills to perform the responsibilities of the position safely.  Our program includes risk assessments, safe work procedures, accurate reporting, and record-keeping to meet safety regulations.

Our commitment to safety means our customers can be confident they’re in capable hands!

Our Fleet


We have a fleet of over 70 trucks and trailers and continue to add more to better serve the needs of our customers. All our equipment is regularly updated.

Our on-site shop of certified, Red Seal mechanics and apprentices work hard to keep our equipment reliable and safe.  We have a proactive attitude towards maintenance with a rigorous scheduled service program and the tools and knowledge to fix any issue.


Our live bottom trailers were custom-designed to give us the advantage of controlled pace unloading, creating less bruising. 

These trailers are also insulated to protect against extreme weather.

The proof is in the potatoes!

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